Reminiscing The Good Times
My siblings and I were born in Pantai Hospital and we moved to Bangsar when I was two. When I was growing up, BSC was the mall to go to. My dad used to take us to Esquire Kitchen (now occupied by Busaba) for dinner once a week and we’d always order the same dishes. Growing up, I loved the corn-in-the-cup and mixed yogurt ice cream from Nelson’s, and the old food court on the third floor, which served the yummiest claypot chicken rice. Then, the new wing came up and we liked going to Monte’s for the steaks and chicken Maryland. Yes, it was and still is all about the food!
“I guess you can take me out of Bangsar, but you can’t take Bangsar out of me.”
My husband who was also born and bred in Bangsar feels the same way about both BSC and Bangsar. In fact, our first date when we were 16 was in Bangsar Baru; at a mamak shop (Restoran Darul Ehsan) along Jalan Telawi. We were so upset when it closed down.

BSC has changed so much over the years but I still know it like the back of my hand. My husband and I get our wine and cheese from Jason’s Food Hall; we love the dessert at Morelli’s and the coffee at EspressoLab.

Bangsar and BSC hold a lot of memories for me, from my first-ever cinema experience at GSC when I was 12 years old to my many, many dates with my husband at Dave’s Deli and Chilli’s.
Tiong Sue Lynn

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