In 1994, our extensive clinical experience led to the launching of the world’s first specialized cell therapy center, EmCell,that used fetal stem cells for therapeutic purposes, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Over the years, we have performed more than 9,400 fetal stem cell transplantations to patients from 93 countries around the world. Our treatment has helped to save and prolong patients’ lives, restore their tissue and organ functions, and achieve positive results in treating diseases in which routine methods have proved ineffective. All fetal stem cell treatment methods used at EmCell are patent-protected in different countries. EmCell was the first in the world to obtain patents for clinical application of fetal stem cell suspensions: our first patent application dates back to October 18, 1993. Our patents cover methods of hematopoietic stem cell harvesting, creation of cell suspensions, treatment of autism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, aplastic anemia, psoriasis, cancer etc. Starting from 1994, we operated under a general license for medical practice. In 2011, a new regulation required all clinics working with stem cells to apply for a special license, the only one allowing legal manipulations with stem cells. EmCell was also the first in Ukraine to receive the state license for fetal cell bank operation. BBC documentary called EmCell the "Last Hope Clinic" because we treated and followed-up the most complicated clinical cases from all over the world. During the years of intensive work, EmCell team won international acclaim in the field of research and clinical application of fetal stem cells. EmCell professionals authored more than 300 scientific works published in the national as well as international magazines and congress proceedings. Today, EmCell consists of a Clinical Department and a laboratory complex operating in its own 1,200 sq m building with 7 VIP rooms offering patients comfort and hospitality.
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