Consistency of Class and Style
Tailoring may seem like a pretty straightforward profession – you measure and create a garment – but it actually requires a lot of artistry and precision.
I often think that this is something I have in common with BRDB. Having been a part of the Bangsar scene, I find that there is always a degree of artistry in anything BRDB undertakes. Look at the way BSC has been transformed today.
“ Artistry and creativity play a big role in what I do. ”
In my line, to ensure my customers are fully satisfied, I have to consider both the cut as well as its appropriateness. That’s what BRDB has done with BSC. Styles may change but values will always remain constant. It’s helped me succeed, and I suspect that keeping a firm grip on their values has helped BRDB succeed.
Robert Loh
Founder, LORD’s Tailor

Behind the fancy restaurants and upmarket shops, the people of Bangsar retain the warmth and kindness that Malaysians value.
Artistry and creativity play a big role in what I do.
We’re surrounded by tropical landscaping that makes every day feel like we’re on holiday at a beautiful resort.
I guess you can take me out of Bangsar, but you can’t take Bangsar out of me.
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